Nicholas WirchA Unique Perspective on Construction


From an early age, alongside my engagement in construction, I developed a profound interest in technology—a passion instilled by my adept father, a seasoned tech enthusiast. At the age of 11, the acquisition of a secondhand computer, exclusively designated for my use, marked a pivotal moment. This personal computing space, adjacent to the primary household computer, became the arena for my exploration.

During those formative years, online gaming served as a significant avenue of engagement. In an era devoid of voice chat, communication transpired through written exchanges. Despite my initial struggles with reading, a determination to enhance this skill emerged, propelled by the immersive world of computer gaming. This pursuit endured into my late teens, even culminating in a stint as a radio DJ on a dedicated fan site.

Venturing into fan sites further kindled my curiosity, leading me to explore the technological infrastructure supporting general websites. I delved into the intricacies of content management systems, initially experimenting with free-hosting platforms. In my early teens, I manipulated backend files, utilizing downloaded content management systems. Over time, my proficiency in HTML and CSS grew, propelling me to seek mastery in developing bespoke content management systems.

Gratefully, my father, a computer aficionado, played a pivotal role in my learning journey. His guidance and creation of websites with rudimentary content management features equipped me with practical knowledge. This foundation allowed me to extend and customize code, transforming my explorations into a repository of memorized information. Gradually, I transitioned from modifying existing code to envisioning and creating websites from scratch.

Presently, my affinity for website development stands as a parallel passion to my pursuits in construction and inspection. Each project begins with a conceptual vision, a mental blueprint that I meticulously translate into reality. The process encompasses the entire spectrum, from coding to crafting graphics, as I eschew pre-existing web designs in favor of bespoke creations tailored for each project. This evolution—from downloading designs in my early teens to independently crafting every aspect of a website—reflects my enduring commitment to honing and expressing my creative prowess in the realm of technology.