Nicholas WirchA Unique Perspective on Construction

About Nic


Since childhood, my fascination with the intricacies of structural systems, encompassing everything from electrical and plumbing to foundations and groundwork, has been a driving force in my life. The roots of this passion trace back to my early years, where Bob the Builder became more than a favorite TV show—it inspired the very theme of my bedroom. I vividly recall attending a live performance of Bob the Builder at the Tacoma Dome, a cherished memory from my formative years.

Even before I could articulate my thoughts coherently, I found myself engrossed in drawing remarkably detailed depictions of houses. These drawings not only included the HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical components but delved into the intricacies of structural elements, incorporating bracing and engineered roof trusses. Simultaneously, I found inspiration in the philosophy of Mike Holmes, whose commitment to rectifying others' mistakes and his motto, "Make it Right," profoundly influenced my perspective. Like Holmes, I aspire to be a beacon of positivity in a world that can often seem chaotic.

At the age of 13, my creativity manifested in constructing a makeshift "waterslide" using Legos, attached to an unused bathtub faucet. The satisfaction of controlling the flow of water fueled my fascination. Meanwhile, in my sandbox, I embarked on crafting a "modern" house using scrap wood from my neighbors' burn pile.

Our family's relocation to a character-rich 1970s split-entry house marked a new chapter. The property's extensive modifications over the years posed a challenge, but my penchant for deciphering puzzles led to insightful discoveries. For instance, I unraveled the mystery of a lingering conduit in the lower lawn by deducing its connection to a shed that existed two decades prior.

By the age of 14, my explorations extended to wiring, prompting me to enhance my living space with a practical addition—an outlet by the front door for a small lamp on a table. This endeavor, undertaken without my parents' knowledge, showcased my resourcefulness as I cycled to Home Depot to acquire necessary supplies. The installation remained inconspicuous for a month until I proudly unveiled my handiwork.

This unique house, with its puzzle-like complexity, provided yet another source of inspiration. Despite the challenges posed by its distinctive features, I successfully pieced together the clues, further solidifying my passion for unraveling the intricacies of structures.